If Guiding were the perfect dinner party…


If Guiding is like the perfect dinner party in the perfect restaurant………..

Division (and District Commissioners) are the Duty Managers and Supervisors – they ensure all the meals are available that the courses are all delivered in a timely and efficient manner and are of a good standard. They quickly pick up on problems, aid solutions and keep everything ticking along.

Chairs of Guiding Development & the Outdoor Activities Adviser are the chefs creating the meals based on customer demand and their advisers are the waiters and waitresses delivering the meals to the tables, listening to the Duty Managers and the guests to establish what is needed to ensure the perfect meal.

The PR Adviser & team have to be in a position to publicise the restaurant, so they need information and tasking! They can advertise events, parties, discounts but they need to know so they can show the restaurant off in its best light!

County President (and Vice Presidents) are the sommeliers (the wine specialists!) who can add value to a meal by suggesting accompaniments that could make it even better, but they have to be invited to the meal to see what’s on offer!

CC is the Maitre d’ she has an overview of the whole restaurant as a business, setting the standard based on head office requirements, regularly liaising with her Duty Managers to identify improvements or assist to solve problems and facilitating local communications between the team where necessary to make it the best restaurant in town.

So what about the meal???

Rainbows is like the horderves /appetiser. It’s a small snack before a the start of a meal. Usually they’re finger foods that are brought around by waiters at a fancy event, or small plates served at the start of an evening. Anything can be an appetiser. They’re supposed to entice the eye, excite the palate, they are an indicator of the standard of cooking for the rest of the meal, they often show off what the chef can do and leave you wanting more!

Brownies is like the starter. Again enticing to the eye, exciting for the palate with more to tuck into than an appetiser. It’ll take longer to eat and can sometimes almost be a mini main meal. However its intention is to further introduce the stomach to food so it can be ready for the main meal!

Guides is like the main course It generally includes proteins, carbohydrates and fats in varying quantities. The different elements allow for flavour sensations but be warned that we must ensure quality ingredients as while guests can sometimes forgive earlier or later courses from not being 100% Guide aged guests are super picky if their main meal isn’t up to scratch!

The meal works because each element is selected to go on the plate as it compliments the others. If it were all potatoes or all meat then its not a complete meal and we’d feel short changed.

Senior Section is like the dessert It should be a treat. We can have sweet puddings, sharp puddings, pastries, hot or cold puddings– who wouldn’t want a pudding at the perfect dinner party!

Leadership is like the cheese board Mature…….! At least in comparison to the age of the girls! Some are extra mature, but there are a variety to choose from, Cheshire, Cheddar, Double Gloucester, Stilton, Brie, Stinking blue bishop! Not all of them might be to our taste, some might make us screw up our noses, we might prefer one to another, or some maybe be better after certain meals but there is a place for all of them.

Trefoil Guild is like the after dinner drinks Coffee, decaf, latte, espresso, different strengths for differing tastes. Maybe instead you’d rather a liqueur, remember you don’t have to have had the meal to enjoy a tipple!

The aim of course is to keep your guests to the end of the party and not just to the end of each course! Whilst no one would be offended if guests had special dietary requirements as these can be accommodated, what is disappointing is if guests leave before the end of the meal because the quality or quantity or variety wasn’t good enough.