Girlguiding Wirral Welcomes New Vice President


A huge welcome to Val Boyd our newest Vice President. Val has been an active Guide and Brownie Leader in Birkenhead Division for decades and recently completed her time in the Birkenhead Division Commissioners role. We are so pleased she was willing to be one of our Vice Presidents!

New Years Honour for Girlguiding Wirral Volunteer

Wendy Taaffe


Congratulations to Wendy Taaffe! Wendy’s volunteering for Girlguiding has been recognised with a British Empire Medal in the 2016 New Years Honours list. Wendy has worked with Rainbows and continues to run a Guide Unit in New Ferry as well as additional support roles for the wider Bebington Division area and volunteering in the Scout and Guide Shop helping on the Guiding side. Wendy’s volunteering spans more than 30 years. Well done to Wendy and thank you on behalf of Girlguiding Wirral for all your time spent volunteering!

If you’d like to make a difference to girls lives by working with girls or supporting our volunteers then why not join us?


Queens Guide!

Congratulations to Chloe from Bromborough on being formally presented with her Queens Guide Award at the Houses of Parliament with her very proud leader Ruth.Chloe & Ruth

Merseymoot 2015!

Happy Birthday to Merseymoot a 40 year old tradition held annually at Tawd Vale Scout Campsite nr Burscough. Open to all Senior Section girls who are Rangers or Young Leaders (14+yrs) and Explorer Scouts and Network.

More than 900 attended the celebrations this year. Want to learn more take a look at the website Trinity Hesketh Rangers have created this You Tube video of the weekend take a look and maybe see you next year!

Emma – Nightrider!

Emma Pugh Nightrider June 2015

Emma has undertaken the Nightrider cycle challenge through the streets of London last night fundraising for Girlguiding!

Get Thinking!

7702-WTD-2015-badgeThinking Day is nearly upon us. Every year we remind our members to ‘think’ about Guides and Scouts in other Countries as well as across the UK. This year we need to also think about what our organisation can do for the girls, young women and adult volunteers we come into contact with in our Units, Districts, Divisions and across Wirral.

I visited a Brownie Unit recently where the girls asked me questions about Guiding and my involvement. There were lots of really good questions including how long had I been in Guiding, was I a Rainbow, my first badge… but the most interesting question was ‘do you enjoy Guiding?’ when I answered ‘absolutely, I wouldn’t be involved if I didn’t enjoy it!’ the 9yr old Brownie asked, ‘but do you run a Unit because you want to or is it just that there’s no-one else to run it….’.

It’s important that we are the role models our members need us to be and that we’re volunteering for the right reasons. It’s important that we as volunteers remember that yes we should absolutely enjoy our volunteering but our main purpose is to be here for the girls.

What will we each do to encourage our girls this month? It’s time for us all to get thinking!

Happy Thinking Day! Linda x

Girls Can!

Guiding happened and happens because of girls and women. It happened originally because girls pushed to get what they want at the Crystal Palace Rally.

Its inspiring to think that the Guiding movement was started because that’s what the girls asked for, what they were determined to have. How do we as leaders ensure that the girls have their say? For those quieter girls how do we ensure that they have the opportunity to put their point of view forward?

As leaders we gives girls and other leaders opportunities, we encourage, support, highlight things that might interest them and look out for their interests. What are the opportunities that you and your girls will have this Guiding year because of your support?

Congratulations to our two new Queen Guides – Chloe D, leader with 1st Bromborough and 1st Leamington Guides, and Vanessa N, leader with 32nd Wallasey Guides and brownies. Both these young women have spent three years working on their awards at a very busy time in their lives – Chloe has completed a PhD in chemistry and Vanessa was taking her A levels and is now studying vetinary science. As leaders we gives girls and other leaders opportunities, we encourage, support, highlight things that might interest them and look out for their interests.

How do you encourage your girls to do their Queens Guide, decide to do their Duke of Edinburgh Award, do a badge at home. Through supporting all our members we can show them that GIRLS CAN do anything they want to do.

What’s it like to be a girl?

Get guiding! Linda Girlguiding Wirral County Commissioner

Oh what a night! 

Big Brownie Birthday World Museum Liverpool

Big Brownie Birthday World Museum Liverpool

A massive thanks must go to all the leaders who brought their Brownies and a smattering of Guides to the Night at the World Museum. I hope you’re able to find yourself on this fabulous picture by Suzanne Knipe one of our Leaders, who photographed the event for us! It was one of those memorable events that shows how fabulous our volunteers are. Our girls too were brilliant a real credit to you all and to our Organisation. We’ve received so many thanks from leaders and parents and girls for organising it but let me again officially thank Sue May Brownie Adviser, Lynne Chapman who was equally instrumental in the event and Geraldine who oversaw the logistics. There were lots of others who did literally work their socks off and we couldn’t have done it with out them.

Sue May accepted a Good Service Award at the event for ALL her contributions to Girlguiding Wirral whilst in the Brownie Adviser role. She is due to finish in the role post Big Brownie Birthday and I’m sure you’ll agree she’ll need a little lie down!


image imageWhile I was waiting for my last train, I could see a group of young people with large bags chatting together. The outline of an instrument bag instantly told me that these people where going to the same place I was! Before long I was chatting with them about the latest books and films, finding out what had happened in past courses and how Guiding/Scouting was involved their lives. After we had went on our last train to our destination, my group of new friends and myself headed towards a small mini-bus. Shortly after more people arrived from the trains. Our first challenge was to fit everyone in the mini bus as well as the suitcases/bags and our instruments.
Upon arriving we sat down to eat a large dinner. After this, we had our first full rehearsal where I met the brass section. Our enthusiastic conductor Leon soon had everyone playing the pieces together. Which truth be told needed a bit of work on them.
The week continued with full rehearsals (The whole orchestra), sectionals (Each section of instruments) and evening activities. I found myself meeting new people each day, getting better at my trumpet and strengthening new friendships. On the Wednesday a few others and I visited the local village to buy our sectional tutor some presents. The brass section got him a wooden map with dots showing where we were all from as well as some sweets. The woodwind section got their tutor a cabbage! It’s an inside joke, I’m told. The next day we said thank you and goodbye to the tutors and gave them their gifts.
From the Friday, we only had full rehearsals to get ready for the concerts. As the concerts drew nearer, the pieces got better and better. At our first concert, everyone was looking smart in their Guide/Scout uniform. You could see Scouts, Explorers, Guides, Senior Section and Leaders. It was amazing to know that all of us had been strangers a week before and now we were all working together to create this beautiful music. The concert went so well that we played an encore.
Perhaps one of my favourite memories of that day was on the coach home, when one person started singing a campfire song soon the whole bus was full of happy singing voices. It shows how Guiding and Scouting brings people closer. The camp fire songs continued until we reached our home for the week.
On the last night, we had finished both concerts and could all relax. Everybody was given a programme and then proceeded to get signatures from the rest of the orchestra. Then the talent show started. It was absolutely brilliant. There was a cellist group and whenever they shouted ‘change’ each cellist would move to the place next to them playing the cello there. They would continue at the place they had left off playing but playing a different part of the song (For example the person playing the tune would move and then start playing the bass line). Other acts included a brass group and singers (who sang a song about the week). The most memorable act was the bazookas group. These guys came on with their real instruments before putting then down and then played a song with the plastic bazookas. Everyone soon joined in singing along.
This week was an amazing experience with many unforgettable memories.

Katie Hodgson

Celebrating Birthdays

100 year Big Brownie Birthday & Port Sunlight Village 125 yr celebrations!

100 year Big Brownie Birthday & Port Sunlight Village 125 yr celebrations!

9th Bebington (St Andrews) Brownies were invited to share the Port Sunlight 125yr celebrations as this year it’s the Big Brownie Birthday 100 years of Brownies!

Brownies, their family and friends as well as their leaders helped to knit squares for this fabulous display. The Girlguiding Wirral Brownies knitting is displayed with others outside the Heritage Museum in Port Sunlight village. They’re well worth a visit!

Giant Parade in Ellesmere Port!

1st Ness is 50 years old this year and Susan is wearing the uniform from 1964 from when the Unit first began.

1st Ness is 50 years old this year and Susan is wearing the uniform from 1964 from when the Unit first began.

Big Gig 2014 – Backstage


Forgot Glastonbury, V Festival and Party in the Park: the place to be above all others Girlguiding BIG GIG at the Liverpool Echo Arena this weekend

I’ve just returned home from what can only be described as a ‘phenomenal’ day!

I took three of our Wirral County Youth Voice Group to the BIG GIG to interview not one, but eight celebrities!

Hannah, Alice & Lauren got the chance to interview Lawson, Tich, Leah McFall, Eliyar Fox, Pixie Lott, Kimberley Wyatt, Loveable Rogues, Stacey Dooley and Tinie Tempah.

BigGig Backstage 2014

When we arrived at the Echo we were taken to the press office where we were greeted by the Girlguiding PR Team and a lot of photographers!!

We had two sofa’s to use when interviewing the acts and were shown the positions best to sit in for photo opportunities.

The first photo we had taken was with Pixie Lott. We all stood in front of a branded wall and it was like being in a disco with all the flashes from the cameras! We had people shouting ‘look right’ ‘in the centre’ I really don’t know how the celebrities do this everyday.

The girls although nervous at the start were also very excited. Every time the door opened, they turned round to see who was coming through the door! I think we were all very excited about meeting them all but particularly Tinie Tempah and Lawson.

I’ve interviewed celebrities before but I forgot how nervous I also get when doing it!! I know they are real people just like you and me but my heart always starts beating fast!!!!

The girls had written a list of questions for each act and the questions were fantastic. They asked about every day issues teenage girls can face such as body image, cyber bullying, peer pressures etc. All the acts seemed very impressed with the questions.

When interviewing, the acts all talked about how important it is to remain positive, don’t stress out and be yourself. This was a common theme across the day.

One of the questions we asked all the female acts was about body image issues and low self esteem caused by the media industry. All the females agreed there is too much pressure on girls to look a certain way.

We also learnt how some celebrities will pay more for their pictures to be airbrushed, that it costs a lot of money to do this and some celebs choose not to be airbrushed. We need more celebrities who are ‘real’ and not afraid to show their real selves.

It was very clear that each act definitely has their own style. Leah McFall definitely reminds me of Lady Gaga!

One thing I noticed is that all the guys had very good hair! Even their entourage!! I could definitely tell they spend more time on their hair than I do and use a lot of products!!!

The afternoon went so fast and I still can’t believe I have just met Tinie Tempah!!! He even mentioned the Wirral whilst on stage!! I did scream at that point!

The event was well organised and as I have said previously, it was phenomenal! Thank you to Girlguiding UK for giving us the opportunity to interview the acts.

I cannot describe how proud I am of the girls and how proud I am to be part of Girlguiding.

The futures bright.. the future is definitely blue!!!

Helen (Girlguiding Wirral County PR Team Member) @GGWirral

‘Twas the night before the night before Christmas



Tis the Month Before Christmas

Tis the month before Christmas, we’re all going nuts;
With so much to do, there’s no ifs, ands or buts.
Buy presents, hang tree lights, pop cards in the mail,
Send gift packs, thread popcorn, find turkeys on sale.

Decorations need stringing up all through the house.
And you haven’t a clue what to buy for your spouse.
School concerts, receptions, open houses with friends,
Long lineups, short tempers, tying up the loose ends.

With all our mad dashing, we’re reeling from shock;
Let’s stop for a minute and really take stock.
It’s crassly commercial, the cynical say;
If that’s true, that our fault-it’s us and not they.

Take time for yourself-though hard as that seems—
Enjoy your kids’ laughter, excitement and dreams.
Take a moment out now, don’t get overly riled,
Instead make an angel in snow with your child.

The shortbread can wait, and so can the tree;
What’s important to feel is a child’s sense of glee.
The holidays aren’t about push, rush and shove;
They’re for friendship and sharing and family love.

Hear the bells, feel the warmth, light up with the glow
Of a message first sent to us so long ago:
Peace, love and goodwill, and hope burning bright.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Winning Christmas Card Design

Local brownie Wins Region Christmas card competition

Congratulations to Charlotte Oram, aged 9, from 5th Heswall Brownies who won the Girlguiding North West England Region Christmas card competition. Her design to bring Santa’s sleigh in to the 21st century was chosen from hundreds of entries. The judges commended Charlotte’s use of different technologies to help a modern day Santa deliver his presents and really liked her use of festive colour. The competition was part of the Region’s Inventor Challenge for all guides and brownies, in conjunction with Spaceport. Girls and leaders are being encouraged to participate in lots of different kinds of scientific activities with a little inspiration from Wallace and Gromit. ‘All the Brownies had a go at designing a modern sleigh for Santa and we were thrilled when Charlotte won’ said Melinda, her Assistant Brownie Leader.


Women who Change the World

There are women who make things better…. Simply by showing up.
There are women who make things happen.
There are women who make their way.
There are women who make a difference and make us smile.
There are women of wit and wisdom who-through strength and courage-make it through.
There are women who change the world every day…


Christmas Cracker

’twas the night before cracker and all over the site
The elves waited patiently for daylight.

The snowmen excited were waiting you see
For rainbows and brownies all filled with glee.

Santa too was checking his clock
And waiting for a morning knock

There was someone else getting his rest
Rodney the reindeer, another special guest!

Over 800 girls would be there very soon
And everyone hoped they’d be over the moon!


For every 100 girls in Guiding

4 will earn the Queen’s Guide Award – the highest award for girls

12 will have their first contact with a church

1 will enter the clergy

18 will develop hobbies used during their adult life

8 will enter a vocation that was first learned through the badge programme

17 will be future Guide Leaders

1 will use her Guiding skills to save her own life

1 will use her Guiding skills to save the life of someone else