A Wonderful Waddow Weekend


1st Bebington Guides, Pegasus SS and leaders had a great weekend in the Adventure House. We made bracelets, completed the confectioners badge, went on the low ropes course and also grass sledged. The girls also made these fantastic lanterns with willow and special paper. We got the lantern kit when a few of the leaders went on the lantern making course that West Division commissioner Angela told us about earlier in the year. The girls should be able to proudly carry them at the Transition Wirral event starting at Coronation Gardens West Kirby 5.30 on 11th November. Hope to see you there!

Sunday saw us running the Waddow SOS day for the Guide age group. Around 60 girls plus leaders came from across the Region to get their Go for It I will Survive and their Active Response badge. We even managed to squeeze in the WAGGGS Surf Smart Badge! The internet is such a fantastic tool, but its like anything, we need to ensure we and the girls are aware of the risks. once you know them you can navigate around them. Take a look at the WAGGGS website!

It was great to see girls from Wallasey at the event and Sarah, Denise and Sandra! Great use of their mini bus licence.

So home, and the inevitable sorting, tidying and putting away, but a great weekend. I hope you have / had a great time I’ve you’ve taken the girls out for the day or overnight somewhere or you’re planning to.

I hope we’ll see many Rainbow and Brownies and leaders at the Christmas Cracker event. Last count we were up to 600 so it looks like its literally going to be a ‘cracker’!