Big Gig 2014 – Backstage


Forgot Glastonbury, V Festival and Party in the Park: the place to be above all othersĀ Girlguiding BIG GIG at the Liverpool Echo Arena this weekend

I’ve just returned home from what can only be described as a ‘phenomenal’ day!

I took three of our Wirral County Youth Voice Group to the BIG GIG to interview not one, but eight celebrities!

Hannah, Alice & Lauren got the chance to interview Lawson, Tich, Leah McFall, Eliyar Fox, Pixie Lott, Kimberley Wyatt, Loveable Rogues, Stacey Dooley and Tinie Tempah.

BigGig Backstage 2014

When we arrived at the Echo we were taken to the press office where we were greeted by the Girlguiding PR Team and a lot of photographers!!

We had two sofa’s to use when interviewing the acts and were shown the positions best to sit in for photo opportunities.

The first photo we had taken was with Pixie Lott. We all stood in front of a branded wall and it was like being in a disco with all the flashes from the cameras! We had people shouting ‘look right’ ‘in the centre’ I really don’t know how the celebrities do this everyday.

The girls although nervous at the start were also very excited. Every time the door opened, they turned round to see who was coming through the door! I think we were all very excited about meeting them all but particularly Tinie Tempah and Lawson.

I’ve interviewed celebrities before but I forgot how nervous I also get when doing it!! I know they are real people just like you and me but my heart always starts beating fast!!!!

The girls had written a list of questions for each act and the questions were fantastic. They asked about every day issues teenage girls can face such as body image, cyber bullying, peer pressures etc. All the acts seemed very impressed with the questions.

When interviewing, the acts all talked about how important it is to remain positive, don’t stress out and be yourself. This was a common theme across the day.

One of the questions we asked all the female acts was about body image issues and low self esteem caused by the media industry. All the females agreed there is too much pressure on girls to look a certain way.

We also learnt how some celebrities will pay more for their pictures to be airbrushed, that it costs a lot of money to do this and some celebs choose not to be airbrushed. We need more celebrities who are ‘real’ and not afraid to show their real selves.

It was very clear that each act definitely has their own style. Leah McFall definitely reminds me of Lady Gaga!

One thing I noticed is that all the guys had very good hair! Even their entourage!! I could definitely tell they spend more time on their hair than I do and use a lot of products!!!

The afternoon went so fast and I still can’t believe I have just met Tinie Tempah!!! He even mentioned the Wirral whilst on stage!! I did scream at that point!

The event was well organised and as I have said previously, it was phenomenal! Thank you to Girlguiding UK for giving us the opportunity to interview the acts.

I cannot describe how proud I am of the girls and how proud I am to be part of Girlguiding.

The futures bright.. the future is definitely blue!!!

Helen (Girlguiding Wirral County PR Team Member) @GGWirral