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Christmas Cracker

’twas the night before cracker and all over the site
The elves waited patiently for daylight.

The snowmen excited were waiting you see
For rainbows and brownies all filled with glee.

Santa too was checking his clock
And waiting for a morning knock

There was someone else getting his rest
Rodney the reindeer, another special guest!

Over 800 girls would be there very soon
And everyone hoped they’d be over the moon!


For every 100 girls in Guiding

4 will earn the Queen’s Guide Award – the highest award for girls

12 will have their first contact with a church

1 will enter the clergy

18 will develop hobbies used during their adult life

8 will enter a vocation that was first learned through the badge programme

17 will be future Guide Leaders

1 will use her Guiding skills to save her own life

1 will use her Guiding skills to save the life of someone else