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Happy WTD2015!

7702-WTD-2015-badgeSo it’s World Thinking Day 2015 (WTD2015) which particularly means something to all my Guiding and Scouting friends. It’s the joint Birthday of Lord & Lady Baden Powell (and coincidently the day I happened to buy my VW Beetle – ‘Baden’ it seemed apt and no I haven’t previously named my cars….).


I do lots of things with Guiding throughout the year. Along with a fab team to support our Unit weekly meetings. We have around 50 Guides (10-14yrs) and Rangers (14-26yrs) every week at our meetings (yes we are that popular still!). We widen their lifeskills and social skills. We teach them to cook, take them to camps, we teach them about becoming independent, how to make decisions. We do this because we had a great time in Guiding as girls ourselves and because we want to give back.

It’s not always easy, it takes up huge chunks of time and I know it sounds a bit twee to those who don’t volunteer, but as leaders we have a shared goal to enhance the lives of girls and in return enhance our own lives through the fun times we have. It’s true!

I’m also proud to be the current Lead Volunteer (County Commissioner) for Wirral Ellesmere Port and Neston. We have 4,000 Rainbow, Brownies, Guides and Rangers (Senior Section) and 1,000 volunteers who give a massive amount of time and energy every week to enhancing girls lives.

Today we think about all the Guides and Scouts at home and abroad and how we can make a change through positive action throughout the year.

Happy WTD2015 maybe you’d like to join us to help change the lives of our young people!


Linda x

Lead Volunteer for Girlguiding Wirral

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Get Thinking!

7702-WTD-2015-badgeThinking Day is nearly upon us. Every year we remind our members to ‘think’ about Guides and Scouts in other Countries as well as across the UK. This year we need to also think about what our organisation can do for the girls, young women and adult volunteers we come into contact with in our Units, Districts, Divisions and across Wirral.

I visited a Brownie Unit recently where the girls asked me questions about Guiding and my involvement. There were lots of really good questions including how long had I been in Guiding, was I a Rainbow, my first badge… but the most interesting question was ‘do you enjoy Guiding?’ when I answered ‘absolutely, I wouldn’t be involved if I didn’t enjoy it!’ the 9yr old Brownie asked, ‘but do you run a Unit because you want to or is it just that there’s no-one else to run it….’.

It’s important that we are the role models our members need us to be and that we’re volunteering for the right reasons. It’s important that we as volunteers remember that yes we should absolutely enjoy our volunteering but our main purpose is to be here for the girls.

What will we each do to encourage our girls this month? It’s time for us all to get thinking!

Happy Thinking Day! Linda x

Girls Can!

Guiding happened and happens because of girls and women. It happened originally because girls pushed to get what they want at the Crystal Palace Rally. http://www.theguardian.com/uk/2000/jul/30/bensummerskill.theobserver

Its inspiring to think that the Guiding movement was started because that’s what the girls asked for, what they were determined to have. How do we as leaders ensure that the girls have their say? For those quieter girls how do we ensure that they have the opportunity to put their point of view forward?

As leaders we gives girls and other leaders opportunities, we encourage, support, highlight things that might interest them and look out for their interests. What are the opportunities that you and your girls will have this Guiding year because of your support?

Congratulations to our two new Queen Guides – Chloe D, leader with 1st Bromborough and 1st Leamington Guides, and Vanessa N, leader with 32nd Wallasey Guides and brownies. Both these young women have spent three years working on their awards at a very busy time in their lives – Chloe has completed a PhD in chemistry and Vanessa was taking her A levels and is now studying vetinary science. As leaders we gives girls and other leaders opportunities, we encourage, support, highlight things that might interest them and look out for their interests.

How do you encourage your girls to do their Queens Guide, decide to do their Duke of Edinburgh Award, do a badge at home. Through supporting all our members we can show them that GIRLS CAN do anything they want to do.

What’s it like to be a girl? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjJQBjWYDTs

Get guiding! Linda Girlguiding Wirral County Commissioner

Oh what a night! 

Big Brownie Birthday World Museum Liverpool

Big Brownie Birthday World Museum Liverpool

A massive thanks must go to all the leaders who brought their Brownies and a smattering of Guides to the Night at the World Museum. I hope you’re able to find yourself on this fabulous picture by Suzanne Knipe one of our Leaders, who photographed the event for us! It was one of those memorable events that shows how fabulous our volunteers are. Our girls too were brilliant a real credit to you all and to our Organisation. We’ve received so many thanks from leaders and parents and girls for organising it but let me again officially thank Sue May Brownie Adviser, Lynne Chapman who was equally instrumental in the event and Geraldine who oversaw the logistics. There were lots of others who did literally work their socks off and we couldn’t have done it with out them.

Sue May accepted a Good Service Award at the event for ALL her contributions to Girlguiding Wirral whilst in the Brownie Adviser role. She is due to finish in the role post Big Brownie Birthday and I’m sure you’ll agree she’ll need a little lie down!