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West Wirral Gang Show

It’s that time again!

Gang Show is open to any registered member of Scouting or Guiding on the Wirral, born before March 2007 so for us that’s Brownies upwards. The Gang Show will accept members from across the Wirral though we give preference to those members from within Arrowebrook, Deeside Wallasey and West Kirby areas as these are the equivalent to the West Wirral and Wallasey areas we cover in Scouts.

If anyone wants to attend the activity day they just need to e-mail on 2016@wwgangshow.org.uk so the Team can ensure you get a form and know how many people to expect.

We welcome past members of our cast, audience members from recent years, or complete novices who have no idea what the fuss is all about. We’ll show them just what a Gang Show is all about and why our cast and crew have so much fun.

Don’t worry if you know you definitely don’t want to appear on stage, the day is just a fun introduction to the Gang Show and we’ll also be giving out details about how you could get involved off stage too.

Have a look at our Website to see more from previous Gang Shows! http://wwgangshow.org.uk