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Girlguiding Wirral Annual Gathering 2015

Linda shared a poem written by Lynne Scales the County Commissioner for Lancashire South East…..

The time you have spent as a volunteer
be it half a lifetime or just a year,
will have its effect in such far-reaching ways
it can never be measured in hours or days.

We want to say thank you for doing your part,
for giving your hands and giving your heart.

Thanks for the smiles when you wanted to weep,
for the camping trips when you couldn’t sleep.
For the running and phoning and meeting and waiting,
for hiking and swimming and roller-skating.

Thanks more than ever for the years yet to come
when someone remembers the jobs you have done
and memories brighten a young womans face,
in some other time and in some other place.


image001I am writing to tell you about PRIORY TALES which will be performed by young people from Creative Youth Development (formerly Wirral Youth Theatre).

The history of Merseyside’s oldest building, the 800-year-old Birkenhead Priory, will be told by the young people through dance, drama, music, film and photography.

It promises to be a magical journey around the Priory’s remarkable history and architecture, as seen through the eyes of the young people involved in the project, which is based at Pilgrim Street Arts Centre, near to the Priory.

More than 200 young people have been involved in creating the mixed media production, inspired by the building’s ancient history, and as it stands today.

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Young Roots, Creative Youth Development has collaborated with The Lantern Company, MultiVox music project and VidA Creative Learning to produce this celebratory performance.

The performances will also be a lantern parade and a medieval market place with food and entertainment.

Performances will take place at the historic site on Thursday and Friday, 9 & 10th April 2015, with two separate performances a night at 6.30pm and 8.30pm.

Tickets are only £3 for young people and group rates can be arranged. To book please call 0151 647 3160

Kind regards,

Caron Drucker,

Team Manager – Creative Youth Development
Targeted Youth Support,
Pilgrim Street Arts Centre.