Get Thinking!

7702-WTD-2015-badgeThinking Day is nearly upon us. Every year we remind our members to ‘think’ about Guides and Scouts in other Countries as well as across the UK. This year we need to also think about what our organisation can do for the girls, young women and adult volunteers we come into contact with in our Units, Districts, Divisions and across Wirral.

I visited a Brownie Unit recently where the girls asked me questions about Guiding and my involvement. There were lots of really good questions including how long had I been in Guiding, was I a Rainbow, my first badge… but the most interesting question was ‘do you enjoy Guiding?’ when I answered ‘absolutely, I wouldn’t be involved if I didn’t enjoy it!’ the 9yr old Brownie asked, ‘but do you run a Unit because you want to or is it just that there’s no-one else to run it….’.

It’s important that we are the role models our members need us to be and that we’re volunteering for the right reasons. It’s important that we as volunteers remember that yes we should absolutely enjoy our volunteering but our main purpose is to be here for the girls.

What will we each do to encourage our girls this month? It’s time for us all to get thinking!

Happy Thinking Day! Linda x